Thursday, March 20, 2014

Assignment #3: Factors that Affect Learning-Investigations 2, 3.

Hello Students,

Creating and Testing a Hypothesis:
1. Question - Example: Does exercise affects learning?
2.  Statement - Example: Exercise increases learning. 
3.  Test your hypothesis - Create an experiment.
4. Analyze your results - What happened? Did your experiment support your hypothesis?
5. Conclusions - What might your result mean?

Today you will complete two more investigations about factors that can affect learning.  Click on the link below and follow directions for the investigations. 
 Factors that Affect Learning - Investigation

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Assignment #2 Brain Health: Factors that Affect Learning

Hello Students, 

Brain Health:  How Can I Build a Better Brain?

Learning Targets:

  1. I can conduct a scientific investigation to generate hypotheses, analyze results, and draw conclusions. 
  2. I can describe some factors that affect learning. 
  3. I can recognize that the ability of the brain to learn is not fixed; it can change over time. 

Today you will become a behavioral scientist and conduct (online) several experiments about what affects learning.  

Here is the link to the experiments.  Click on "Lesson 4: Outside Influences"

Factors that Affect Learning - Investigation

Monday, March 3, 2014

Assignment #1: Wellness Survey/Brainy Games

Hello Students!

There are two parts to your assignment today.  Your first assignment is to fill out a survey for the Crosswinds Wellness Committee.  Your second assignment is to play some brainy games - getting ready for our next unit: Brain Health: How can I build a better brain?

1. This is the link for the Crosswinds Wellness Survey.  Copy and Paste it into your browser and take the survey.

2. When you are finished with the survey, choose a brainy game to play. Copy and paste these web addresses into your browser.